Dummie the Mummy and the Golden Scarab

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Tosca Menten, Illustrations by Elly Hees

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Lannoo/Van Goor
Territory: World excluding Belgium, The Netherlands, France & Switzerland
Size: 215 mm x 140 mm
Pages: 248
Illustrations: 40 b&w
Name of series: Dummie the Mummy

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  • First title in the Dummie the Mummy series, a successful Dutch children's book series that has won numerous awards; two movies based on the series have already been made
  • Sold in more than 10 languages, this series is now finally available in English

Darwishi Ur-atum Msamaki Minkabh Ishaq Eboni, the son of an Egyptian pharaoh, is only nine years old when he dies. He is mummified and laid to rest in a tomb, with the powerful Golden Scarab of Mukatagara hanging around his neck. Thousands of years later, during a transport of three precious sarcophaguses, there is a terrible storm. Lightning strikes, the lorry plunges from a flyover and the sarcophaguses are hurled through the air. During all this, a little white shape escapes the wreckage unnoticed...

Angus Gust is ten and has a perfectly normal life. Then one night a little mummy appears in his room! Life changes completely. Angus and Dummie (short for his real name) become best friends. One dreadful day, Dummie's scarab goes missing. Without the scarab Dummie falls terribly ill. Angus must now do everything he can to find the scarab, so Dummie doesn't have to face death again. Can Dummie be saved in time?

Tosca Menten is one of the most popular Dutch children's book writers. For Dummie the Mummy she was awarded the Grand Prize by the Children and Youth Jury in Flanders and the Dutch Children's Jury. She has written more than 35 books.