Surprising Europe A Photographic Journey

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Sabine de Milliano

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Terra/Lannoo Publishers
Territory: World excluding Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland & Scandinavia
Size: 276 mm x 214 mm
Pages: 256
Illustrations: 400 colour, 20 b&w

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  • Never before have all European countries been shown in one book by one photographer
  • A unique combination of photos of hidden gems and famous locations
  • This book is an inspiration for sustainable travelling

Surprising Europe is a visual voyage that captures the beauty of the natural and cultural landscape of the old continent. Dutch photographer Sabine de Milliano spent 10 years travelling to remarkable places, from Podgorica in Montenegro and the Sooma National Park in Estland to the Ta'Cenc cliffs in Malta. Driven by curiosity, she discovered hidden gems, revisited famous places, and explored little-known destinations at the borders of Europe. This book contains the most beautiful, inspiring and surprising photos she made on her journey, and shows the enormous diversity Europe has to offer.

Sabine de Milliano is a creative entrepreneur. She uses a mix of technique and creativity to capture the soul of each place she visits.