Print Room 2013-2015

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Fred Bervoets

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Hannibal Publishing
Territory: World excluding France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, and Italy
Size: 300 mm x 248 mm
Pages: 240
Illustrations: 359 colour, 6 b&w

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  • Fred Bervoets proves his unique style as an artist through bright and animated etchings
  • A selection of the work of all-round artist Fred Bervoets, with a focus on the wild and colourful imagery of his etchings

During the day, painter and graphic artist Fred Bervoets (1942) works almost routinely at his large format etchings. At night, he lets his imagination run wild. The hundreds of drawings, sketches, doodles and paintings done in the margin today fill almost the entire ground floor of his studio home. The one thing they have in common, apart from their maker, is their modest A4 format. The spontaneity of these small works on paper forms the heart of this book, which also includes Bervoets' more monumental etchings since 2013. This one-of-its kind "print room" offers an impressive kaleidoscopic self-portrait of an absolutely unique artist.

Text in English and Dutch.

Fred Bervoets (°1942) is a Belgian painter, draftsman and graphic artist, and one of the greatest visual artists alive in Belgium. He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and in 1991 he won the State Prize for Visual Arts. In 1994 he had an exhibition at the Center for the Performing Art in Scottsdale together with Jean-Michel Basquiat. Bervoets is known for his unique imagery (wild, expressive, figurative). He currently lives and works in Antwerp.

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