Japanese Style Typeface Design and Applications A Reference from Japanese Masters

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Li Aihong

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Artpower International Publishing
Territory: World
Size: 285 mm x 215 mm
Pages: 232

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  • Features Japanese style typeface works from design masters, such as Ryuta Ishikawa, Takahashi Yoshiharu, Toshiyasu Nanbu and Shinnoske Sugisaki. Each stringently selected work has a detailed description from the designer revealing the design concept and creative process
  • Different design and applications of Japanese style typeface are systematically divided into four parts: corporate image (Logo, promotion, vision identity system), product packaging, poster and book
  • More than 1000 graphic and application images are involved with the aim of thoroughly presenting the works

Japanese-style typeface is not only used to express ideas in daily life, but also becomes an important part in commercial design. This book is the collection of classic and ingenious works, which are both artistic and practical. It can also be seen as a reference that can inspire readers and improve their aesthetic value and design competence.

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