Skull Style Skulls in Contemporary Art and Design

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Edited by Patrice Farameh

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Hardback, Boxed
The Curated Collection
Territory: World excluding Australasia
Size: 343 mm x 248 mm
Pages: 496
Illustrations: 525 colour
Neon Camouflage Cover

RRP £95.00

  • A comprehensive tome showcasing today's most beautiful art, fashion and design that has been influenced by humanity's affixation with the skull symbol. The neon camouflage embossed skull on this book's cover makes it blend in at a rave
  • Features over 100 artists and designers from around the world that use Skulls in their artwork
  • This book cover, by famous French Designer Lucien Pellat-Finet, glows in the dark and each endpaper matches the cover design pattern

Skull Style is a beautifully designed book that presents not only one of the most ancient symbols used in the history of mankind but how it is utilised in the most surprising and modern way today.

Formerly an emblem of evil and mortality, the skull has been transformed into an avant-garde design element used in the most cutting-edge art, chic interiors and vanguard style of the moment. Whether embellished on costly T-shirts, woven on limited edition chairs, and even encrusted with diamonds sold at an art auction for $100 million, the skull is no longer just a daunting memento of our frail mortality but a contemporary figure of fashion. This 500-page book shows how this once morbid trinket of death has been reinvented into the much-desired decoration by the trendsetters of tomorrow.

Patrice Farameh's broad expertise in lifestyle-focused book publishing and digital media has developed from over ten years of professional experience. She has established herself as a leading force in production, development and marketing in a wide range of media initiatives. Simultaneous to working on large-scale publications and corporate branding, Patrice has contributed to many magazines and edited over 40 book titles about art, design, fashion and luxury themes. She also created and produced the Trendscout TV series, dedicated to finding the most stylish design and fashion trends in major metropolitan cities in Europe. A decade of worldwide experience as a journalist, editor and trend forecaster has made Patrice a reputed lifestyle expert. Patrice has successfully combined her passion for lifestyle and publishing, culminating in the founding of Farameh Media.