Robert Vickrey The Magic of Realism

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Philip Eliasoph, PhD. Foreword by Virginia M. Mecklenberg

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Hudson Hills Press LLC
Territory: World
Size: 308 mm x 290 mm
Pages: 232
Illustrations: 128 colour, 43 b&w

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  • Traces the work of an artist who has been included in 9 Whitney Museum Annuals
  • 80 colour plates show off the brilliant light-infused compositions of Vickrey's paintings
  • Includes scholarly essays placing Vickrey in context within the American twentieth century art scene

Robert Vickrey's art has sustained throughout a 60-year career. He is widely considered to be a master of the labour-intensive meticulous technique using egg tempura, the medium used by the Renaissance painters, including Giotto and Cennini. But Vickrey's paintings are distinctly twentieth-century in the subjects and themes he has chosen, from childhood innocence to the dichotomy of urban versus country living. "A quintessential Realist, Vickrey endeavoured to explore the human condition within a distinctively American environment," writes author Philip Eliasoph, and with his dedication his artwork has built a bridge from Surrealism and New Objectivity to Magic Realism. Together with Philip Eliasoph's comprehensive essay that describes Vickrey's career and staunch devotion to the egg tempura medium, the "fiercely independent work of one of its most unorthodox and even most daring inventors" conveys the career and approach of an artist who the New York Times called the "world's most proficient craftsman in tempura painting, [and] an immaculate technician."