ThinkingJewellery 2

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Edited by Wilhelm Lindemann & Theo Smeets

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Arnoldsche Art Publishers
Territory: UK, US, Eastern Europe, France, Benelux, Japan, South Korea, Africa, South America & Ireland exclusive. South Africa, N&M East non-exclusive
Size: 220 mm x 120 mm
Pages: 184
Illustrations: 50 colour
Name of series: ThinkingJewellery

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  • Renowned authors work on a theory of contemporary artist jewellery
  • Second publication of the successful ThinkingJewellery series
  • Examination of parallels between Fine Arts and artist jewellery

Alongside artistically experimental aspects of education, the ThinkingJewellery 'trademark' stands as a contextual leitmotif throughout the gemstones and jewellery study programme at Trier University/Idar-Oberstein campus. The aims of ThinkingJewellery comprise scientifically oriented research as well as discourse on the historical and societal interconnection of jewellery. Highlights are the ThinkingJewellery symposia, which are now accompanied by a series of periodicals. The new series discusses contributions to a contemporary theory of jewellery beyond disciplinary boundaries or typical categories.

The texts envisioned for ThinkingJewellery 2 include 'On the Cultural History of the Gemstone', 'Goethe on Colour' and 'Cold Shine - Empty Glamour, on Jeff Koons's Celebration Series', which are based on lectures from the 2017 symposium.