Sourdough A Complete Guide and Recipe Book

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Riccardo Astolfi

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Guido Tommasi Editore
Territory: World
Size: 270 mm x 210 mm
Pages: 232
Illustrations: 175 colour
Name of series: Illustrated books

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  • A book about the pleasure of baking your own bread using natural sourdough and healthy ingredients
  • Includes 90 taste-tested recipes

Bread making is a skill, but it is also a pleasure, rooted in traditions that have nurtured generations.

Sourdough, pasta madre in Italian, is one of bread-baking's most popular variations with its signature tang and unique health benefits. It is also one of the easiest and most natural, its starter made from flour, water, and time.

Riccardo Astolfi has mastered the art of baking with sourdough and here collects 90 taste-tested recipes for breads, as well as sweets and savories such as brioche, sweet buns, traditional panettone, pancakes, bagels, pizza and more. Each recipe calls for organic and locally available ingredients, and is tested for the home kitchen.

Contents: Introduction; Everyday recipes (breakfast, snacks and pizzas); Festive recipes.

Riccardo Astolfi initially studied engineering, but his passion for food became so all-consuming he finally turned to it full-time. He produces and sells organic food products, and regularly writes for various food magazines.