Hidden Holland

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Saskia Naafs & Guido van Eijck

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Territory: World excluding Benelux, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and selected Eastern European countries. Scandinavia non-exclusive
Size: 180 mm x 130 mm
Pages: 280
Illustrations: 90 colour
Name of series: Hidden Secrets - Countries or Regions

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  • In Hidden Holland writers Saskia Naafs & Guido van Eijck explore every corner of their home country, and share many interesting stories and surprising places in fun lists

Hidden Holland is the third guide in the Hidden series covering countries and regions, and following on from the phenomenally successful 500 Hidden Secrets series which focuses on cities around the world. It brings you the unexpected sides of the Netherlands through interesting stories and surprising places such as: 5 artworks in unexpected locations, the 7 most authentic pubs, 6 impressive Deltaprojects, 5 cool gentrified industrial sites, 6 local specialties you should try and much more.

Guido van Eijck and Saskia Naafs are writers and journalists; they write about several subjects, from politics to travel, for a.o. De Groene Amsterdammer and several Dutch newspapers. They lived in Amsterdam for quite a while and then moved back to their birth town, Rotterdam. They are the authors of two guides about these cities: The 500 Hidden Secrets of Amsterdam and The 500 Hidden Secrets of Rotterdam.

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