Oliver's Birds By Oliver Hellowell

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Photography by Oliver Hellowell, Forewords by Iolo Williams and Ken Jenkins

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Territory: World
Size: 175 mm x 215 mm
Pages: 156
Illustrations: 152 colour

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  • Breath-taking shots of birds from Oliver Hellowell, a young photographer with Down Syndrome
  • Chapters dedicated to birds of prey, seabirds and residents of the British garden, annotated with Oliver's own notes
  • Demonstrates Oliver's singular ability to capture the essence of his feathered muses

Oliver doesn't only snap birds; his camera shutter also clicks closed for the play of light across rippling water, the mist rising off a wood in early spring and the rolling Somerset hills where he was raised. But birds are a favourite subject of his, and his camera never fails to do them justice. Oliver's sensitivity to lighting, colour contrast and mood imbues each picture with a unique atmosphere, resulting in precise shots of professional quality. The birds' glossy eyes, their beaks, the intricate patterns on their feathers and the texture of their down have all been captured with a patience and skill that is admired by dedicated fans from all across the world.

Meet Oliver - a twenty-two-year-old photographer with a brilliant eye for bird photography, who also happens to have Down Syndrome. First picking up his camera at eleven, he has since sold photographs at exhibitions, collaborated with personalities such as television presenter Iolo Williams, and BBC Wildlife cameraman and photographer Richard Taylor Jones, gained a following of 60,000+ on Facebook and won the National Diversity Award for a UK Role Model for Disability.

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