War Artists in Afghanistan Beyond the Wire

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Jules George, co-author Michael Fay

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Territory: World
Size: 275 mm x 230 mm
Pages: 208
Illustrations: 186 colour, 30 b&w
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'I felt physically sick from the pit of my stomach and to be honest was now feeling vulnerable and completely outside my depth of knowledge. The world had seemingly gone mad and I was having visions of the base now being ransacked; I was confused and unsure what to do. My solution was to do the only thing that I could do. I climbed the nearest sangar and started to draw.' Jules George

Jules George, war artist, travelled to Helmand, Afghanistan, in 2010, in the wake of its bloodiest year for British troops. War Artists in Afghanistan: Beyond the Wire reproduces the remarkable sketches, watercolours and oil paintings born of his experiences with the 2nd Yorkshires (Green Howards). His work captures the vast scale and stunning, fertile beauty of the Afghan landscape, and in its midst, the British soldier, out on patrol, boarding a Chinook or caught in a firefight.

The book also features the work of four other war artists in Afghanistan: Douglas Farthing, a former Sergeant Major in the British paratroopers; and Michael Fay, soldier-turned-combat artist for the United States Marine Corps; Arabella Dorman, internationally recognised portrait painter and war artist; and Matthew Cook, trained illustrator, former Times war artist and Territorial Army solider. Each artist's work is accompanied by their own, first-hand account of war in Afghanistan.

What the press have said about this book...

"Through everything from impromptu sketches, pen and ink portraits, watercolours and oil paintings of privates and commanders on operations as well as waiting between and Afghan men women and children trying to go about their normal life, these five artists take us right into the war, capturing emotions that go far beyond words or photographs. We see fear, courage, desperation, compassion and sheer exhaustion in their rawest forms as well as a country not just of dust and fighting but of jewel-like colours and haunting beauty.  This is a unique collection that every politician should peruse before sending another generation into war." Christina Lamb, The Sunday Times

Ian Maine, National Army Museum‘Jules George’s volume on a number of well-regarded War artists who have worked in Afghanistan is an extremely welcome addition to the literature around this subject. The artists' narratives and exposition of their approach is especially useful, enabling owners of the works to place them in the context of their often disrupted creation, bringing additional meaning to this important and often hazardous area of artistic endeavour.'

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