Daphne Todd

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Jenny Pery

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David Messum Fine Art
Territory: World
Size: 292 mm x 245 mm
Pages: 176
Illustrations: 146 colour, 39 b&w

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  • A fantastic monograph that pays tribute to the artist and the long- held tradition of portrait painting within Britain

Daphne Todd is one of Britain's foremost figurative painters. Best known for her portraits, her work also covers a wide range of genre, still-life and landscape painting. Always working directly in front of her subject, she misses nothing and is able to incorporate many different moods within one image, exploring the landscape of a face in the same way she examines the face of a landscape. In over two hundred portraits of some of Britain's most eminent men and women, she brings a fresh, contemporary view to an ancient tradition. Through her teaching at Heatherley's Art School and her Presidency of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Daphne Todd has also been an important force in promoting representational art in Britain. This amply illustrated book explores the art and life of a painter now at the height of her career.

Jenny Pery was born in Calcutta, read Modern Languages (Russian and French) at Oxford, later taking degrees in Fine Art in London and Exeter. She writes on art for various journals, and is the author of many monographs on painters, including Solomon J Solomon, Claude rogers, John Dodgson, Caziel, Edward Piper, Robert Organ, Alan Cotton, Anthony Eyton and Tristram Hillier.