Parisian Bistros

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Author: Thierry Richard, in collaboration with Amélie Weill Photographs: Juliette Ranck Illustrations: Aseyn

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Paperback with flaps
Territory: World excluding France
Size: 210 mm x 150 mm
Pages: 160
Illustrations: 100 colour

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  • Written by a seasoned food critic who has spent 12 years observing the intimate lives of Paris restaurants. Covers 150 of the best Parisian bistros.
  • A practical and elegant guide to the best Parisian bistros
  • Includes both 'posh' and 'working class' establishments

In Parisian Bistros, the reader will find around 150 accounts of the very best Parisian bistros: where people meet friends for a nice lunch or a lovely dinner, and human warmth and authentic pleasure are always on the menu.

This practical, elegant guide comprises a selection of the best addresses in Paris for authentic, simple and heartfelt cooking. From the cheapest chicken with fries in Paris (6,86 Euros) to the most desirable pâté-crust, from the bistrot-charcutier to the summer terraces, from ancient to modern, Thierry Richard and Amélie Weill guide you through 150 carefully selected locations.

Thierry Richard is a food critic who has spent over twelve years observing the intimate lives of Parisian restaurants. He is the author of Paris for Men and Paris for Pleasure.
Amélie Weill is a gastronomic journalist.