Trulli Style

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Congedo Editore
Territory: World excluding Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Spain
Size: 263 mm x 221 mm
Pages: 176
Illustrations: 226 colour

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This book is an illustrated guide to trulli, traditional stone buildings specific to Puglia, Southern Italy. In recent years, many of these rural dwellings, set in the midst of luxuriant nature, are no longer structures used for living and working in the fields. Many trulli are now let as holiday homes, and have been restored and redecorated in a contemporary style. Far from the basic agricultural residences and storehouses of the past, the revivial of trulli has rebranded them as positively luxurious.

Swimming pools, luxury bathrooms and contemporary landscaping has created a style that simultaneously incorporates traditional Italian rustica and modern design. The trulli pictured in this beautiful book are sure to inspire anyone interested in contemporary Italian living.

Jewel House
The Pastor's House
Shepherd's House
Stone House
Tumbinno House
Peaceful House
Summer House
Between the Olive Trees
The Cave of Swallows
The House of Memories
The Virgin of Arco House
Samsara House
Bucolic Memories
Santa Lucia House
A Peaceful Place

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