Stéphane Leroux. Bleu Chocolat

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Stéphane Leroux, Photography by Tom Swalens

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2 vols, hardback, boxed
BAI (Exhibitions International)
Territory: United Kingdom
Size: 280 mm x 230 mm
Pages: 628

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  • The beauty of artistic chocolate as never seen before, gathered in two unique books
  • A must-have for any professional in the field

When it comes to creativity in chocolate, chocolate professionals might think they have seen it all. Stéphane Leroux's astonishing new book Bleu Chocolat will prove the opposite. This unique book unveils over 100 breath-taking pieces, which look nothing like chocolate, but are sure to whet your creative appetite.

Bleu Chocolat is the result of Stéphane's collaboration with Belcolade, the real Belgian chocolate brand of Puratos. It offers an incredible source of inspiration, providing the opportunity to chocolate professionals to create similar pieces of their own.

In the technical volume, Stéphane Leroux is taking the reader via a step-by-step description through the techniques of a marble, cardboard, concrete or porcelain effect.

The artistic book provides a breath-taking photographic overview of the artistic pieces, and is captured by Belgian photographer Tom Swalens. This volume allows the reader to admire Stéphane's mesmerising creations.