When the Cane Was King From Brummel to McQueen

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Anthony Moss

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ACC Art Books
Territory: World
Size: 300 mm x 237 mm
Pages: 336
Illustrations: 300 colour

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  • A comprehensive study of walking canes from around the world, dating from the distant past to the modern day
  • Presents historical context on both practical and ceremonial usage
  • Specially shot pictures showcase the celebrated A&D Collection of canes, while enlightening prose demonstrates the cane's enduring relevance to society

More than just a mobility aid, the cane has held numerous offices of significance. From the staff of the legendary Monkey King in the Chinese classic Journey to the West, to stylised crosiers carried by high-ranking prelates from the Roman Catholic church, to the truncheon wielded by Mr Punch in puppet shows, canes are embedded in the culture of almost every country around the globe.

Roving the map with one hand and thumbing through history books with the other, When the Cane Was King seeks not only to introduce the collector to the diverse wealth of canes available, but also to entertain the casual reader. Intermingled with high-quality pictures are descriptions of 'gadget' canes for tradesmen, 'squirting' canes for pranksters, and glamorous Art Nouveau canes for the dapper gentlemen of the '20s. Informative and meticulously researched, this book paves an accessible route into a niche subject while paying homage to our ongoing relationship with canes, which stretches back as far as history itself.

A 'rabologist' - a collector and studier of walking sticks - Anthony Moss is Joint Chairman of The Antique Walking Cane Society (London) and a member of The International Society of Cane Collectors (USA). He regularly attends Canemania, an international cane convention. He has been ardently adding to his cane collection since 1998.