Excavating, Analysing, Reconstructing Textiles of the First Millennium AD from Egypt and Neighbouring Countries

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Edited by Antoine De Moor, Cäcilia Fluck & Petra Linscheid

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Lannoo Publishers
Territory: World excluding Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland & Scandinavia
Size: 290 mm x 250 mm
Pages: 352
Illustrations: 300 colour, 150 b&w

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  • A richly illustrated overview of textile art from the Nile Valley from the first millennium AD

A richly illustrated overview of the current-day knowledge on the textile art of the Nile Valley from the first millennium AD, in response to the 9th conference on 'Textiles from the Nile Valley' in Antwerp 27-29 October 2017. This is one of only a handful of books devoted to the textile art of the late-Roman, early-Byzantine and early-Islamic textile art in Egypt. Over 20 essays by specialists elaborate on the pieces of textile art that were found in excavations and museums, and discuss the radiocarbon dating, iconography and weaving techniques revealed in the extraordinary clothing.

Cäcilia Fluck is an expert on late-antique Egyptian art. She works for the Skulpturensammlung und Museum für Byzantinische Kunst, Staatliche Museen in Berlin. Antoine De Moor conducts scientific research into ancient pieces of woven textile from Egypt and the Middle East. He leads a radiocarbon dating project on woven pieces of textile from Egypt and Central Asia from several European museums. He is also responsible for the selection of Roman clothing for the European Commission's Dress ID cultural project.