The Jacobites and Their Drinking Glasses

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Geoffrey B. Seddon

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Territory: World
Size: 304 mm x 241 mm
Pages: 212
Illustrations: 46 colour, 500 b&w
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This book, first published in 1995, remains the most detailed study of Jacobite glass ever undertaken, and the glasses are described against the compelling history of the Jacobite movement in the 18th century. Hundreds of detailed photographs of the engravings help to authenticate the genuine glasses in a field well known to be infested with fakes. This third edition follows the same format as previous editions but is published in a more compact form, replete with an additional chapter.

The diamond point engraved 'Amen' glasses are, without question, the most valuable of all Jacobite glasses and indeed one of the most valuable of any of the 18th century drinking glasses. Further studies have revealed that the 'Amen' glasses were engraved by the famous Scottish line engraver, Sir Robert Strange, and the evidence for this is provided in the final chapter.

Geoffrey B. Seddon, a retired medical practitioner, has been a member of the Glass Circle for over 40 years and has contributed papers to its publications and to the Country Life magazine.

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