33 Walks in London That You Shouldn't Miss

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Nicola Perry

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Emons Verlag
Territory: World excluding Germany and Austria
Size: 205 mm x 135 mm
Pages: 368
Illustrations: 111 colour
Name of series: 33 Getaways/Walks

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  • The ultimate insider's walking guide to London
  • Features interesting and unusual places not found in traditional travel guides
  • An extension of the international 111 Places/111 Shops series with over 170 titles and 1 million copies in print worldwide
  • Appeals to both the local market (nearly 8.5 million people call London home) and the tourist market (over 16.7 million people visit London every year)
  • Fully illustrated with more than 250 colour photographs and 33 maps

Experience the less explored nooks and pockets of Britain's capital through the eyes of a passionate local. With its labyrinth of characterful streets and alleys, charming squares, open green spaces, monuments and museums, public artworks, bustling markets, and tempting boutiques and restaurants, London is a walker's paradise. Whether you're a first time visitor or longtime local, the city offers endless surprises - fascinating sights and stories, both ancient and modern, hidden in plain view. London insider and native Nicola Perry leads you away from the famed attractions on 33 strolls through the city's most interesting enclaves, sharing entertaining insights, historical anecdotes, and engaging tips at every cobblestoned turn. Each walk burrows its way into the heart of a neighbourhood, crafting and curating a path that reveals its individual essence and personality.

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Nicola Perry was born and raised in south London. She began her publishing career as a fiction editor with Amazon, and has worked for Bloomsbury, Writers & Artists, BCA, Sheinkman Literary Agency, Working Partners, ACC Publishing, and Pluto Press. Her career has included the roles of editor, storyliner, scriptwriter, writing coach, and novelist. Since returning to London after graduating university, she has enjoyed moving neighbourhoods every couple of years to explore new pockets of the city and keep things fresh and interesting.

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"This photo-rich tour book gives walkers a great taste of London with fascinating tidbits, and even suggests the best time in the week to do each route." Londonist

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