Jessie and the Dolphins

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Tatjana Tekkel

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Laminated paper board
Antique Collectors' Club
Territory: World
Size: 245 mm x 250 mm
Pages: 24
Illustrations: 24 colour

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  • A delightful story to read to young children
  • Each remarkable page is an individual work of art
  • The craft aspect of the book will appeal to adults interested in textiles and quilting
  • Glorious colour illustrations
  • An original ACC children's title
  • For ages 2 to 6

When Jessie was just five she decided to be a sea captain, just like her Dad

Jessie and the Dolphins is a delightful children's story about a five year old fisherman's daughter who wants her father to take her to sea on his boat. Her father says that a fishing boat is much too dangerous for a little girl, and she can go with him when she is older and bigger. But Jessie cannot wait and on the next fishing trip she hides very quietly on deck behind a coil of rope. However, things go horribly wrong for poor Jessie and drama unfolds when she finds herself struggling in the water. Happily, she is rescued by three dolphins and safely returned to the beach.

The unusual illustrations are hand crafted collage pictures consisting of a variety of fabrics and textures. The author has used patchwork and appliqué techniques to create wonderfully evocative pictures which have an almost three-dimensional effect.

Jessie and the Dolphins is a work of art as well as a children's story and will be loved and treasured by children and parents alike.